Placing a value on great brand identity design at Notable Solutions

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Acquired by Nuance, Co. behind SIRI

Quantifying the success of Brand Evolution program focused on graphic identity can be done in a number of ways. Quantitative results are essential for some companies seeking to validate their ROI; others might need to rely on qualitative or anecdotal feedback to confirm their success. But sometimes you get a bit of both, as we did recently when we heard from our clients at Notable solutions, a leader in software for secure information collection and output management, based in Rockville, MD

Notable Solutions Brand Evolution

Visual Brand Evolution from NSi to Notable Solutions

Last summer, The Partnership completed a brand identity redesign for Notable, with the goal evolving the visual identity to match their current progressive mobility driven focus, versus the established products associated more with legacy tech. We recommended they go from using their initials – NSi (Notable Solutions, Inc.) – to the more progressive and impactful Notable. As well as a new web address, new product branding, and a number of other updates to the overall identity package. And the results were truly terrific. At least that is what everyone thought based on anecdotal evidence.

Then came the quantitative results. This summer Notable was acquired by Nuance Communications, the world leader in speech recognition software, makers of products such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking, as well as the technology behind Siri.

While the new identity was just a small part of the overall changes that have taken place that attracted their acquirer, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the improved perception contributed to the ultimate valuation of the brand. Not to mention the pride our clients felt had begun to permeate the company once the new identity was rolled out. One of our clients noted up front that they knew it would be hard for people to begin calling the company Notable, since they’d been going by NSi for so long. But six months later, they noted being astounded how quickly the new name took hold.

While visual identity is really just a small piece of all we do at The Partnership, hearing stories like this, and creating results like this, is what makes what we do so rewarding. If you do ask Siri about the value of great design, she may not have much to say. But it’s clear that the companies behind the scenes do, and that is something marketers everywhere will find notable.