Agency Awarded Advertising and Integrated Marketing Contract by GSA

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Government Markets Team Success

As an agency, winning and retaining the trust of our client partners is always a priority. Trust is, of course, an essential element of any brand, so the same holds true for our own. But we are especially proud of one particular vote of confidence we recently received, in the form of a five to twenty-year Multiple Award Schedule Contract from the General Services Administration (GSA) to provide Advertising and Integrated Marketing services in support of federal, state and/or local government initiatives.

The contract comes as a result of a tremendous amount of work and specific knowledge regarding such contracts resident in The Partnership’s Government Services Team run by our Director of Government Markets, J.P. Maier, who joined the agency several years ago after a 31 year career in government.

“When we first began to discuss this opportunity, I wasn’t aware of how much highly specific and exacting knowledge was required to meet the standard of performance needed to become a trusted advertising and integrated marketing services provider to the US government” said The Partnership’s President, David Arnold. “With J.P.’s guidance, we’ve all learned a great deal and this contract award proves we have what it takes. I’m as proud of that as of anything we’ve done, part of our own ongoing brand evolution as an agency, and I’m looking forward to further opportunities as a result in the coming years.” 

Maier is equally proud of the Partnership’s commitment and effort.  “The FDIC gave us a vote of confidence early on by awarding a National Service Provider contract for Outreach and Advertising.  As a small business supplier to the federal government, The Partnership offers leaders of a wide variety of government organizations access to a team of highly trained advertising and integrated marketing services professionals.  Now our GSA contract enables contracting officers and Federal Purchase Card holders government-wide to quickly and easily put The Partnership team to work on their public outreach, graphic design, digital marketing, social media, advertising and other communication assignments. It’s an accomplishment our entire team is proud of.” 

The GSA Schedule Contract, also referred to as the Federal Supply Schedule or GSA Contract, is a Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Contract administered by the General Services Administration (GSA). The GSA Schedule Contract is the most widely used government contract vehicle. In fiscal year 2013 federal, state, and local government spent over $41 billion through GSA Contracts.