Coca-Cola Raises Awareness for Women's Empowerment in India

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Influential female bloggers see first-hand how Coke�s 5by20 initiative is helping female entrepreneurs.

Coca-Cola has a storied tradition of helping people and communities around the world. And their latest program, 5by20, is no different. Its goal is to empower women through global educational and economic initiatives to help 5 million female entrepreneurs worldwide by 2020. To help get the word out, Coca-Cola wanted to let influential female bloggers to see these efforts in action live and in person. That’s when they turned to The Partnership for help.

India, Women Bloggers & Coca Cola

Our integrated social and PR team started by identifying over 60 of these influential female bloggers. Using various analytics, we narrowed the list to nine talented women from the US, UK and Canada and invited them on a week-long tour of India to see how the 5by20 initiatives are empowering women throughout the country. We created a variety of support materials and sent our PR Director along to serve as a strategic advisor, photographer and videographer. In addition, our Atlanta social analytics team tracked the real-time activity of the bloggers and the conversations generated. The results were quite empowering:

  •522 #5by20 social conversations during the week-long trip, reaching an average of 461,311 users per day and creating 1.3 million daily impressions

•Overwhelming positive sentiment surrounding the project, with themes including opportunity, empowering, imperative initiatives, incredible and strong

Although the trip may be over, the 5by20 initiative is still running strong – along with our efforts to keep the conversations going so we can help Coca-Cola reach their goal by 2020.


You can see a full write-up of the trip, photographs, video and participant bios at: