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The Partnership unleashes the full potential of Geofencing.

Dandelion is a proprietary Geofencing technology developed to help retail businesses become smarter than ever before. Many companies use Geofencing technology but only Dandelion has tapped its real potential. The story told by Dandelion’s unique technology moves beyond typical Geofenced, geographical data to focus on the actual person and not just the geography of the person, including things like age, income, grocery spend, entertainment spend, zip plus 4, etc. Three years of this kind of rich data changes the game for the value of Geofencing and expands the possibilities for any retail or franchise-based business. Dandelion doesn’t just focus on what’s happening now with your shoppers. It delivers 3 years of unique, real-world shopper data that reveals the full story of your customers and potential customers. The depth of the data gathered by Dandelion creates more usable information than any other Geofencing solution. It literally paints a picture of opportunities you would otherwise never see. Dandelion creates valuable insights to help you make smart decisions for the future. Contact The Partnership for more information on this cutting edge technology and let us see how we can help you!