From Start to Finnish

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Crossing the language barrier for GE Hitachi

In business-to-business marketing, every client seems to come with its own special language—acronyms, buzzwords, technical terms and industry jargon. At The Partnership, we pride ourselves on learning each and every one of those languages, because we know how imperative it is to communicate with businesspeople on their terms.

No matter how technical or esoteric your business can be, The Partnership makes understanding that business our business. Even a subject as complex as nuclear engineering.

Recently, we developed advocacy advertising for GE Hitachi. Working together, the two companies have developed a new type of nuclear reactor called ESBWR (Economic Simplified Boiling Water Reactor). It’s one of the most advanced, modern reactor designs available today, and also one of the safest.

GE Hitachi is currently lobbying policy makers in Finland to choose the ESBWR design for their next reactor. With four nuclear reactors currently in service and two more in the planning stages, Finland is already committed to nuclear energy. The question there isn’t whether or not to use nuclear—it’s which design.

With The Partnership’s help, GE Hitachi is promoting ESBWR’s safety benefits, targeting the executives at Finland’s largest energy company as well as Finnish opinion shapers and citizens.

Of course, not all of The Partnership’s creative projects require an engineering degree to understand, or translation into Finnish, but it’s nice to know we can deliver whatever type of communications our clients need.