ATC TV Campaign Behind the Scenes

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2-Year-Old Actor Steals the Spotlight

One of the new commercials produced in-house by The Partnership for client ATC Income Tax features a couple with two young kids. The plan was pretty simple. The kids would sit there with their sippy cups and cereal while the parents did the talking about mistakes made by their prior income tax prep choice.

But one of the kids didn’t see things that way.
“After about the third take, the little boy started blurting out the dad’s line,” recalls Harry Hayes, agency creative director and the director of the spots. “He was incredibly cute.”

So cute, in fact, that his line – “They Messed Us Up!” – ended up in the spot. The two-year-old boy, named Ashton, is a local actor in Atlanta.

“When things like that happen, it’s gold,” says Randall Hooker, agency executive creative director. “You can never plan on it. You just take advantage of it whenever it does.”

Two year old actor Ashton steals a line and the show in a new spot for ATC Income Tax.

“I got a text from the kid’s dad a few days after the shoot,” adds Hayes. “He said Ashton was still walking around the house repeating that line.”

Take a look at the outtake video, and at the finished spot where Ashton really shines through. You may find yourself repeating the same line too.

Here’s how the ATC TV spot featuring two year old scene stealing actor Ashton turned out.