New Clients Partner With Our Consumer, Travel, Entertainment Practices

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Social Media, Digital Marketing and Advertising Agency for SkyView Atlanta, Park ‘N Fly, Hartwell Apparel, Old 4th Distillery

Agency Selected by SkyView Atlanta, Park âN Fly, Hartwell Apparel and Old 4th Distillery

The Travel and Entertainment and Consumer Products Practices at The Partnership have announced relationships with four new clients including SkyView Atlanta, Park ‘N Fly, Hartwell Apparel, and Old 4th Distillery. The scope of services to these clients includes market research, advertising creative, media planning, digital marketing, social media, events, and public relations.

“We greatly appreciate the trust and confidence our clients place in us to deliver meaningful results in today’s fast-moving world” said David Arnold, founder and president of The Partnership. “There are so many new tools in social media alone that can be put to use to drive sales for a business, not merely Likes or reTweets…actual sales.”

Creative and Content Developmentt

“These clients are all very different in nature; one is a tourist attraction, another a travel service provider, one an apparel manufacturer, and the last a startup craft liquor distillery,” said Eric Hyman, CMO of The Partnership. “Each of them came to us with different needs. But they all have one important thing in common.  They operate in a highly dynamic, constantly changing environment where they need to reach and engage with their target audiences in compelling, proactive, creative, unique and cost effective ways. That’s why they came to us, and that’s what we are excited about, the chance to help these brands come to market in hugely successful ways. That’s what The Partnership is all about.“