Even a Polar Vortex Can't Cool SkyView as a Hot Topic

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Winter Apocalypse Gives Ferris Wheel Unlikely Boost

Winter Apocalypse Gives Ferris Wheel Unlikely Boost

When the Associated Press talks about your brand in the first line of one of their new stories, there’s a 50% chance that it’s going to be a very good thing. And regardless of whether it’s good or bad news, you’re going to get a TON of attention. That’s exactly what happened in a great way for our client, SkyView Atlanta, last week.

“Fountains froze over, a 200-foot ferris wheel in Atlanta shut down, and Southerners had to dig out winter coats, hats and gloves they almost never have to use.” The story that included that line went on to help generate 379 (and counting) mentions on news websites such as Huffington Post, Yahoo News, CBS News and the Boston Globe. SkyView Atlanta was also mentioned in 37 newspapers, including the Capetown Daily News in South Africa! “Atlanta’s famous Ferris wheel” was mentioned four times on Las Vegas TV news reports, twice in Green Bay, Wisconsin and once in Wausau, Wisconsin. And all SkyView had to do to make all of this happen was be awesome (with just a little help from the coldest winter the South has seen in decades).

The following Sunday saw more of the same, with SkyView being featured in CNN morning weather forecasts, which were seen by approx. 628,156 people, delivering the equivalent of an estimated $40,797 paid media value!

Congratulations to SkyView and our team on months of PR effort leading to this media coup, allowing the famous ferris wheel to further cement its place as an Atlanta landmark.