The Partnership Helps to Spread some Goodwill

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Great (Good) Brand Evolution, Pt. 2

Most people across the nation know Goodwill for their retail stores. But few realize that these stores are just a small portion of Goodwill's “give a hand-up, not a hand-out” community building efforts. A couple of years ago, Goodwill of Middle Georgia contacted The Partnership to help them with a great brand evolution challenge; to take their brand into a whole new space. Working together, we conceived and launched fine dining brand Edgar’s Grille, a coffee shop concept called Hire Grounds and a line of conference and event centers. The goal was to not only create new employment opportunities in the Augusta and Macon regions, but also provide new fundraising and training opportunities. In turn, this led to our work with Goodwill’s Helms College, a new culinary school that provides training to aspiring chefs.

Edgars Grill and Hire Grounds - Goodwill

Campaign launch elements for Edgar's Grill and Hire Grounds Cafe.

Based on the success of these efforts, Goodwill approached us again – this time to help them drive awareness and enrollment in a new adult vocational education program created by Helms College, Helms Career Institute. Like the previous work created for Goodwill, our goal was to empower people across Middle Georgia by offering them an opportunity to train for a new career in a more affordable environment than “for profit” colleges can provide. We created a comprehensive campaign consisting of print, outdoor, digital, radio and television advertisements to help get the word out. The impact was immediate and inquiries/enrollment continues to rise.

Broadcast/Web campaign launch video for Goodwill's Helms Career Insitute.

The success of these programs is also starting to reach areas far beyond Middle Georgia. Plans are being made to roll out the Edgar’s concept and Helms College through other Goodwill branches nationwide. It’s a truly great (or shall we say “Good”) story of how a venerable brand closely associated with one mission can steadily evolve with the times, yet stay 100% true to its altruistic roots. And it just goes to show that sometimes you may set out to build a brand but end up building a community.