Proud to be working with new client Heritage Sandy Springs

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Brand evolution, Community Style

Located just north of Atlanta, Sandy Springs is the sixth largest city in Georgia, and home to more Fortune 500 companies per capita than any city in America. What makes that truly surprising is the city didn’t exist until late 2005. Despite that fact, Sandy Springs has always had a strong sense of community, with modern roots tracing back to 1842.

One of the organizations that has worked hard to promote and preserve that sense of community is one of our new clients, Heritage Sandy Springs. For several decades prior to the city’s incorporation, HSS served a primary role in creating the fabric residents love so much. They are responsible for operating a village green, a public event space and outdoor amphitheater, a historical museum, and even the fresh water spring the town is named for (yes there actually is a Sandy Spring!). Not to mention being responsible for staging a host of very popular annual community festivals and events.

Sandy Springs, GA

However, the creation of the City and local government complicated things a bit. While their role in the community hadn’t changed at all, some residents and local business boosters expressed a bit of confusion about where HSS fit in. And so, to manage the evolution of the area taking place around them, and their role within it (if you haven’t guessed it already), HSS called the Brand Evolutionists at The Partnership.

Since early fall, our team of strategists, designers, writers and technologists have been working with HSS to define a new strategic position and identity. The next step is to build a new web presence and marketing support program to help take the message to the people who matter most, the residents, businesses, visitors and community boosters who make the city what it is today.

In the coming months, we’ll be showcasing the fruits of our labors. In the meantime, we wanted to say how proud we are to work with such a terrific organization and group of people. Building community is a great focus of what we do every day. So it's great to have an opportunity to be involved with people who share our passion and commitment to building a great community.