Agency Launches Maserati Ghibli in Atlanta

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Legendary Italian brand aims for young buyers with their newest model

Italian brand aims for young buyers with their newest model

Power, style, elegance, mystique, functionality or pizazz; we all have our own idea of what dream car we would buy if price didn’t matter. But without a six-figure salary, personal transportation options tend to be more limited to the realm of adequacy provided by mass produced models that have been the norm since Henry Ford introduced his automobile assembly line. These days, you can throw in a few customizable features along with a color choice, but it still remains a rather ordinary car.

 This trend of uniformity is exactly what iconic automobile manufacturer, Maserati, is trying to solve with the release of their new sports sedan, the Ghibli. By setting the starting price at $65,000, the Italian brand is giving a much broader spectrum of potential buyers the opportunity to have their dream car. But with the lower price point also comes a much younger target demographic; uncharted waters for a brand who specializes in luxury, performance vehicles. So, our team decided to take a different approach for Maserati of Atlanta’s launch.

 Usually, launch events closely resemble car shows and are solely focused on showcasing the product. This time, we partnered with Atlanta’s modern luxury magazines, Jezebel and Men’s Book, to tap into their youthful readership and generate more buzz. Sponsors like Grey Goose, Chef Anthony's Catering and Raising The Bar also helped to create more of a social, festive atmosphere. In the end, the unveiling was a huge success with over two hundred guests in attendance and numerous organic social media mentions about the launch. Congrats to our Ferrari Maserati of Atlanta team on a job well done. Who knows? They may have even helped a few dreams come true.