Agency Files ATC Income Tax's 2014 Campaign

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Like ATC, Agency Gets Big Returns

Like ATC, Agency Gets Big Returns

Seasonality is seen in marketing for many products and services. For example, island vacation offers rise as winter kicks in. However, few industries are more limited by seasonality than income tax providers. January through April, you can’t turn on the TV without seeing at least one income tax prep spot. The real difficulty (as with most advertising today) becomes standing out amidst all the offers and promises; especially for smaller providers. That’s a challenge we helped overcome for our client ATC Income Tax for a third straight year, and so far (like our client), returns look very strong.

ATC helps clients get their tax return fast by providing the expertise needed to safely navigate the tax system. The Partnership was tasked with delivering this message (along with the launch of their new referral program) to a primarily African American audience in Atlanta and Milwaukee, with a household incomes under $35K. Research indicated that, for various reasons, this demographic group does not feel their needs are met by the big category brands. By using a strategically selected media mix (spot TV, radio, social and search), we have been able to achieve our goal of driving leads, calls and store traffic for ATC.

Creatively speaking, we continued to show ATC has unique insight into the target that speaks to their needs in ways others do not. In “Beauty Salon” (above) we provided some comedic relief when a discussion of ATC causes a “mini-frenzy” of customers rushing to take advantage of ATC's referral offer (much to the chagrin of one customer who gets left out). And we continued to hit pay dirt featuring children; in “Duckshuns” we show ATC’s young brand ambassadors can be just as passionate as adults. Though in that department, it will be hard to top our campaign from the past year which included a kid driven viral component garnering almost 20K YouTube views.

According to Chris Tschantz, Associate Creative Director, the highlight of the process was that, “…the usual hiccups you encounter and overcome while creating/executing a campaign, simply didn’t occur – frankly, it was as easy, as ATC.”