Well Done Coke, You Make Atlanta Proud

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Setting the Bar for Corporate Social Responsibility

Setting the Bar for Corporate Social Responsibility

Consumers have become accustomed to seeing brands attempt to improve their image and foster brand love by integrating relevant social events and causes into their messaging. AT&T, along with many others, has “Take the pledge: to never text and drive”. Dove has their enormously successful “Real Beauty” campaign. And there are numerous other examples.

We're not trying to discredit or belittle any of these efforts. Regardless of motivation, corporate support/funding of socially responsible initiatives helps millions of people every day. But what consumers are not used to seeing is a brand acting contrary to the norm by canceling future messaging in order to benefit a cause. That is exactly what our Atlanta-based neighbor, The Coca-Cola Company, has done.

Starting Nov 18 and continuing indefinitely, Coca-Cola Philippines’ entire advertising budget will be donated towards relief efforts in the aftermath of typhoon Yolanda. That’s on top of the $1 million already pledged by The Coca-Cola Foundation, and the $590,000 worth of bottled water they donated. To put this in perspective, The Coca-Cola Company will have donated more to the relief effort than the country of China (unless the Asian superpower decides to make further donations).

Coca-Cola is also making its Philippines distribution network available to transport much-needed supplies to devastated villages around the region.

We would like to take this opportunity to recognize Coca-Cola’s commitment to fully embrace their core values. Without their support, thousands of human beings would be left to fend for themselves in the wake of an unforeseeable tragedy. It’s moments like this that show us The Coca-Cola Company truly lives by their mission “To refresh the world…”