Unleashing the Power of Communication to Make Partner Brands Shine

How Shaheen Solomon Draws on His Diverse Professional Background to Enhance Partner Reputations

Shaheen is Director of Public Relations at The Partnership, specializing in protecting and enhancing our partners’ reputations. His 15+ years of professional experience have seen him make waves in governmental institutions, for-profit agencies, and nonprofit organizations – developing and honing his craft in public relations, brand imaging, communications, events, and marketing across the southeast of the U.S.

Now, his hard-won strategic insights are geared toward implementing slow-burn, reputation-enhancing campaigns for clients, while reacting with lightning speed to alleviate unforeseen crisis situations.

Although always specializing in communications, you have a notably diverse professional background, particularly regarding the sectors you’ve worked in. How did this happen?

As a natural storyteller, I gravitated towards public relations. This field allowed me to essentially become a “jack of all trades,” staking a career in communications while gaining experience in the public and private sectors, as well as government and politics.

I started my career as a communications professional with a large and powerful public relations firm, gaining understanding in the intricacies of communications and building relationships with clients. It also provided me with experience in federal government healthcare communications, grassroots public health, and governmental relations. Because of this exposure, I felt the need to return to school and pursue my master’s in healthcare administration – to understand how to effectively navigate the healthcare industry and communicate with its professionals.

Leading initiatives that were community and internal facing, I served as both the director of communications and of community relations at the leading public mental health hospital in Georgia. My passion and drive to be a catalyst for communicating clear and concise messages led to me taking on the role of development director for a regional university – connecting with alumni, hearing their stories, and connecting them with their passions to support their alma mater.

In my role with The Partnership, I effectively communicate the story of the company and its humble beginnings. I particularly enjoy exploring how we, as members of The Partnership, stand firm in our passion and purpose through cultivated and collaborative partnerships, pushing forward during the moments that matter the most for each of our partners.

You talk about your passion for the communications industry. What aspect of the field drew you to it?

The field of public relations is expansive, and this contributed to my reasoning in choosing it as a career path.

Every day, there is something new to accomplish. Whether it be controlling the narrative during crisis communications, creating an informative press release that spotlights and showcases partner successes, cultivating relationships with local and national media correspondents, highlighting the intricacies of a partner event in a feature story – or pitching as a means for economic development opportunities.

No two days are the same.

Having the opportunity to partner with various brands and companies, guiding them towards outcomes that effectively and efficiently communicate the value of the services and or products they offer is rewarding, eventful, and exciting.

Do you have a signature philosophy you live by in your professional life?

Simple. Each one, teach one. I provide those around me with the tools and guidance needed to be successfully driven individuals with a voice in producing quality and captivating communications materials. As a direct report and mentor, I ensure that the individuals I’m responsible for understand that I am here to help instill positivity and stir creativity.

You currently serve as Director of Public Relations at The Partnership. What appeals to you most about the agency?

The Partnership is small but mighty. At this moment in time, the company is in the growth stage – acquiring talented individuals that are driven with a vision. They have the chance to create a culture, chart the course of creativity, and have their voices heard.

I came to The Partnership to build the foundational level of its Public Relations Department. It’s not often that one has the opportunity to build a communications offering from the ground up. It’s a major facet of the agency that our partners recognize and understand as an important catalyst of any growth strategy.

The Partnership appealed to me because it allowed me to pull from the components of Public Relations that I’m passionate about, highlighting them as service offerings, and expanding those on a national platform.

The Partnership takes great pride in working closely with its partners. In your experience, what benefit is there to developing these relationships?

Within the Public Relations Department, we develop close and intimate relationships with partners, learning every detail about their backgrounds, target demographics, and purposes. In this way, we’re able to develop tactics and strategies that best suit our partners’ needs.

It is through our intimate and collaborative efforts that we become intertwined and connected with each partner – their concerns and thoughts become our own. 

How do you like to spend your free time?

During my free time, I enjoy traveling with my wife and three children all around the globe.

Finally, tell us something that we wouldn’t know by looking at you.

Prior to my professional career, I was a collegiate D-1 athlete, winning two conference football championships with Georgia Southern University as a five-year starter.

Shaheen is a member of The Partnership’s leadership team, made up of eclectic professionals with proven track records of success. By working closely with key partners across multiple industries, they play a vital role in delivering The Partnership’s world-class marketing, branding, and PR services – while setting an example as curious, forward-thinking leaders to those around them.

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