Atlanta Small Business Show Interviews Amanda Lucey

Atlanta Small Business Show Interviews Amanda Lucey

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The Partnership’s Owner and CEO, Amanda Lucey, was a guest on the Atlanta Small Business Show with Jim Fitzpatrick to discuss the agency, the art of belonging in marketing and advertising, and how to cut through the noise of competitors.

As the fastest growing, female-owned agency, The Partnership continues to acquire new clients, while retaining strong relationships with current partners. This is largely due to Amanda’s belief in brand belonging, which focuses on a brand’s relationship with their audience through drivers like purpose, passion and partnership.

With over 10,000 brand messages bombarding consumers daily, Amanda explains how important it is for brands to create meaningful connections; however, she also maintains that consulting experts in marketing will help a brand plan strategically and appropriately for their target market.

Amanda also identifies authenticity as one of the largest challenges in the world of marketing and advertising – particularly with the younger generations. She recognizes the importance of being transparent and nurturing healthy, honest relationships with consumers.

Under her guidance, The Partnership strives to listen, learn and provide solutions to their partners every day.

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