The Value of Brand Belonging

Audiences can always tell when you’re contributing to the constant barrage of meaningless noise instead of adding value.
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In an era of seemingly endless possibilities to connect with audiences, it’s easy for companies to be overwhelmed and miss the mark on creating brand belonging. We see it all the time: brands spread themselves thinly across every platform of engagement, sharing seemingly disconnected content, in the hopes of making any connection.

Should we be on every social media platform? Hop on every hashtag trend? Send out a weekly newsletter? Blog? Vlog? Host a clogging contest? (Who doesn’t love a good Oktoberfest clogging?)

A quick scan of social media content reveals what a brand is doing but gives no indication of who that brand is, and instead, reads like that desperate friend who will like anything to be liked in return.

When your brand takes the try anything approach, you’re doing more damage than you think. Audiences can always tell when you’re contributing to the constant barrage of meaningless noise instead of adding value.

10,000, 8 and 21

We hold these three numbers up as a constant reminder of what we’re dealing with in communication today.

  • The average consumer is exposed to 10,000 brand messages per day
  • Attention spans have dropped to 8 seconds in the last 15 years
  • Audiences switch between screens up to 21 times per hour.

With so much distraction it takes more than a traditional brand connection to change habits and capture hearts, it takes brand belonging.

Brand Belonging Grows from the Inside Out

Creating a sense of belonging starts by giving voice to the value system your company holds.

That voice will become the most valuable communication you will ever create because it will guide your actions and instill purpose into everything you do.

When your value system becomes the lens through which all communication travels, you’ll move beyond repeat customers, brand advocates and even brand champions to create real believers in who you are. Because when value systems overlap, a sense of belonging is born.

So, how do you make all this happen? Start with these three important things to remember on your journey to creating brand belonging:

  1. Define your value system. This isn’t your list of values, mission or vision. It’s the foundation of “who you are” that those things are built upon.
  2. Know your believer group intimately, invite them in and arm them.
  3. Create visible actions that support your value system and share.

Don’t forget to bookmark The Partnership blog. We’ll be revealing how to create brand belonging here on a regular basis so stay tuned.

Purpose built communication that creates belonging.

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