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How a College Student Can Exhibit Moxie

College can be a blast – you have a sense of independence, you’re figuring yourself out, and you’re preparing for your future. But, the best college students exhibit one particular trait that really amps up their college experience: moxie.

You may have heard the word moxie tossed around a few times.  The word moxie is a now and means a force of character, determination and nerve. But, what exactly does it mean, and how can college students show they have moxie?  Read on to find out.

  1. Have Some Nerve. College can be intimidating at times, especially at first. There are so many new people, organizations and opportunities – it can become overwhelming. It’s so easy to decide to avoid it all and stick with what you’re comfortable with – going back to your dorm to binge-watch Netflix. Instead, be courageous and try something new! College students with moxie push themselves out of their comfort zones. Join interesting clubs or campus organizations, branch out and befriend people in your classes, and maybe even apply for some cool internships. The opportunities are endless if you have moxie!
  1. Be Determined. You know that point in the semester when it feels like your motivation has hit rock bottom, and you’d rather be doing ANYTHING but schoolwork? Yeah, it’s hard – I know. But, channel your inner moxie and keep powering through those courses! Staying determined and focused throughout the entire semester will pay off. You’ll look back once you’re a top-notch industry professional and thank yourself for having moxie during your college years.
  1. Use your fighting spirit to show that you have a backbone. Being a college student can come with challenges as people may not take you seriously because of your age or experience. Don’t let that stop you from voicing your ideas, showing your dedication and confidence and asking for feedback whenever you can. Say you get a not-so-great grade on a class assignment that you worked really hard on. If you feel that you could make a case for why you deserve a better grade, do it! Talk about it with your professor (in a respectful way, of course!), and you’ll be surprised what could happen. You might get some points back, or at the very least, you’ll take away some constructive feedback on what you could have done better, and develop a better relationship with your professor.

So, college students – you’ve got this. Go tackle your studies, extracurriculars, and jobs with moxie! You’ll not only impress everyone around you, but you’ll impress yourself, too.

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