How a Content Calendar Will Save Your Life

Okay, maybe the title of this blog is a bit of an exaggeration. If we really think about it, we could probably make a connection between content calendars decreasing stress, which leads to less heart problems; therefore, content calendars can, in fact, save your life. But, we aren’t here to talk about your health. While a content calendar may not directly save your life, it will save you a lot of time, stress and energy.

How great do you feel when you’ve finished a project and no longer have to worry about it? It’s a weight lifted off of your shoulders! But right now, your social media marketing routine is one of two stressful scenarios: “What in the world am I going to post today? I’m out of ideas” or “Oh no! It’s 5 o’ clock, and I forgot to post!” It’ll keep you up at night (which can also be bad for your health).

There’s a better solution. Your business needs a content calendar. Here are a few reasons why.

1. Inspiration doesn’t come every day.

A content calendar ensures that you don’t have to worry about what you’ll post each day. If you do get inspired one day or see an article you want to post, post away! Just because you have a content calendar, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be managing your social media daily and keeping up with trending topics. It’s completely acceptable to post more than once a day. However, it is not okay to go days without posting.

2. It’s unrealistic to not have one.

Your schedule can get in the way of keeping up with daily marketing. What will you do if you’re out of town for the week or stuck in daylong meetings? This is where a content calendar will shine. Take a chunk of time once a month to write all of your content, get it approved and scheduled, and your business will benefit from posting consistently.

3. It creates focus.

If your business’s posts are all over the place, it can look unprofessional. Creating a content calendar in advance can help your brand keep a consistent identity, and ultimately, shows your customers that you take pride in your business (and probably your products, too).

4. Content calendars help you plan.

What do you want to say? What graphic should you use? What hashtag is effective? Without a content calendar, your business posts will be thrown together and sloppy. With a content calendar, your team can take time to plan posts, especially for holidays, create stunning graphics and integrate social media posts with blog posts and email marketing. In other words, create an effective strategy that will drive your business.

Creating a content calendar is one of the easiest and most effective marketing strategies your business can utilize.

If you don’t have the time to create content each month, hire a professional (like us! We love creating content). Contact us today to see how we can develop your business’s online presence, and save your (brand’s) life!

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