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How a Small Business Can Survive in a Corporate World

With small businesses accounting for 54 percent of U.S. sales (, there is no doubt that they are crucial to the economy. While the small business sector is growing rapidly, small start-ups still face obstacles as they enter the market. Large corporations are able to offer the same products at a lower price, threatening the vitality of small businesses, so how can they compete? One fundamental way is with online marketing. Online marketing captures it all – email marketing campaigns, social media content creation, pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization… the list goes on! Everything (and everyone) is online now, which means online marketing is now more important than ever. Here are four reasons why online marketing should be a part of your business plan.

1. Competitiveness

Don’t get us wrong. Corporations are using online marketing as well, but small businesses have one advantage; people love them! A small business gives communities a sense of pride and uniqueness. But in today’s digital world, a small business can get lost. Potential customers need to know your business exists (word of mouth is not enough)! Online marketing is an equalizer, meaning each company has an opportunity to reach potential customers, no matter the budget. You already have a leg up just by being a small business, but with effective online marketing, you’ll soar above your competitors.

2. Cost

While corporations are running multi-million dollar ads during the Super Bowl, a small business may struggle to run an ad during prime time local news segments. But, small business owners shouldn’t let the cost of traditional advertising discourage them. There are other options! Online marketing, which costs 62 percent less than traditional marketing (SmartInsights), offers a way to directly reach your community and is more likely to get attention than a TV, radio or billboard advertisement.

3. Content

It’s important for your business to be online, but the content you create is even more important. Being online is simply not enough. Think of your online brand as a product. You take pride in the merchandise you produce and sell, so take pride in the content you create as well! That message will translate to your customers. Storytelling (link to Storytelling blog) is a great way to do that. Producing effective content establishes your business as a trusted brand.

4. Commitment

Make sure your community knows your business is committed to them. Engaging with your customers online lets them know your business cares – that you want to do more than just sell products or make money. You’re there to be a part of the community and serve them well!

Make sure online marketing is a part of your marketing plan. Moxie Media and Marketing offers great rates for start-ups and small businesses. Contact us today to talk more about how we can help!

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