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LinkedIn Stories: 3 Ways to Highlight Your Professional Journey

What are LinkedIn Stories anyway?

Virtually every social media platform has a story feature now. LinkedIn has officially cashed in on the trend of short, easily digestible content with its story rollout for the US and Canada last month after seeing success in other countries. Users can post up to 20-second videos that will live on their profile for 24 hours through the mobile app. This feature is similar to stories on other apps – you can add stickers and text to your videos or still photos and mention or tag coworkers, colleagues, and other organizations.

So, what’s the difference between Instagram Stories and LinkedIn Stories? The answer is in how you use them. Here are three ways to use LinkedIn Stories to highlight your professional journey and connect with other professionals in your industry and beyond.

Introduce Yourself – and Your Business

One efficient way to utilize LinkedIn Stories is by using it as a tool to introduce yourself and your business to your audience. Let’s be honest – many of your connections (even those who have endorsed your skills in small talk) may not be aware of who you are, who you work for, or what it is that company does. LinkedIn Stories can bridge that gap in 20 seconds or less.

For businesses and brands, it may be important or helpful to introduce members of your leadership team to your audience, and a great way to do this is by posting quick Q&A videos that highlight those individuals. Not only will this allow you to share their perspectives, quotes, and thoughts that establish them as experts in their industry, but it will also breathe a little more life into those stagnant headshots and blazers. People like personality and accentuating a very human side of your business or brand may just attract a number of potential hires, clients, and consumers.

Ignite Conversation

Many organizations may struggle with engaging their audience; however, LinkedIn Stories could be the perfect format as your audience on LinkedIn already follows you, and they may also be in a similar industry. You can ignite conversation and generate chatter by posting relevant articles or news stories to your LinkedIn Story – especially as they happen in real-time. You may want to stay away from anything controversial like politics, but you can definitely share that heartwarming article about the unlikely friendship between a girl and her pet python.

You can also share customer testimonials and reviews or highlight new products and services – all within 20 seconds or less. Plus, by directing users to your DMs, you could be turning that LinkedIn audience into a new group of consumers. 

Sharpen Your Networking Skills

LinkedIn is about professionalism, but you can use its story feature to share moments that show a little more character in your professional life. In fact, there is a genuine lack of human emotion on LinkedIn (specifically, humor) that stories could fix.

Sharing lighthearted stories about your typical day-to-day might sound a bit silly, but it can make you more approachable. What does your daily commute look like? Did you recently finish a project that you’re proud of and want to share it with others? Post those workplace moments that matter to you to your LinkedIn Story and extend your network organically.

Remember: LinkedIn Stories are NOT Instagram Stories 

LinkedIn and Instagram are two very different platforms, and we must remember that LinkedIn is all about professionalism, furthering your career, and networking. National workplace expert and author, Lynn Taylor, recommends using LinkedIn Stories as a “living resumé or business card” and, although it may seem obvious, Taylor strongly suggests refraining from posting anything to your LinkedIn Story that you wouldn’t want your boss to see. It’s also important to note that LinkedIn is not the place to get overwhelmingly personal – save that for Facebook, or, if you’re a stable person, a journal should do just fine. 

Today millions of Americans are unemployed and searching for new jobs, and LinkedIn Stories is a fantastic way to showcase your professional personality, whether you’re an employer or a jobseeker. Show your human side with LinkedIn Stories and reinvigorate your connections.

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