Cookies n Cream birthday

National Ice Cream Month: Happy 40th Birthday, Cookies ‘N Cream

Outside of the traditional trio of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, few flavors can match the fandom of cookies ‘n cream. Introduced in 1979, this popular ice cream flavor was an instant hit and quickly became one of the most popular flavors shortly thereafter.

There has been a great deal of speculation behind the true origin of cookies ‘n cream. Blue Bell Creamery and Dreyer’s/Edy’s have both claimed to have invented it, but there is no substantial proof as to which brand was first. Others claim the first ever cookies ‘n cream was created at a small rural college, South Dakota State University. Known for producing commercial ice cream, the college claims that a dairy plant manager and two students created cookies ‘n cream in 1979.

According to the legend, the SDSU trio wanted to come up with an original flavor, so the dairy manager sent the students to pick up a box of Oreo cookies. Mixing the crushed Oreo cookies with vanilla created what was then called Oreo Ice Cream. Eventually, the head of the department became aware of the creation and warned the team about potential copyright violations for using the name Oreo. So, the name Cookies ‘N Cream was coined.

The name was never patented or licensed, which has led to an age-old debate about the original inception of cookies ‘n cream ice cream. Though SDSU still claims the title, uncertainty remains.

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