Alliance Broadstone

A brand identity system for a luxury apartment franchise.


Brand Strategy
Brand Story Messaging
Graphic System
Collateral Package

The Story

Alliance is known for its residential properties across the nation under through there sub-brand Broadstone. When the real estate market was back on the rise, Broadstone already had prime locations set up for building. They wanted to expand quickly in all of there different markets, while keeping the quality of there product intact. 

The Solution

The Partnership was tasked with four prime properties in Nashville and Atlanta. Each location had unique characteristics that needed to be expressed differently, but also share the uniformity of a cohesive, overarching brand. Defining each property had its own process. First, some research into each area. Next, a visit to each location to spend a day-in-the-life. Then a synergy session with the client to download and unify everyones vision. Finally, the creation based on our findings that results in a personalized brand with custom photography, verbiage and icons packaged in a sharable brand book.

A bold brand color and clean design visually evolve the Cousins brand to tell the high-end story it needs to tell.

In addition to displaying the buildings with photography, a series of visual elements helped add even more interest.