Branding a luxury resort in the Bahamas.


Brand Strategy
Brand Story Messaging
Graphic systems

The Story

Kakona is a Bahamas Luxury Destination poised to become a one-of-a-kind oasis focused on luxury, longevity and legacy. Although many developments offer impressive features, Kakona boasts natural amenities that are unequalled — 22,000 acres of breathtaking Bahamas National Park land surround Kakona, over 10 miles of white sand beach for peaceful morning strolls, the Abaco Parrot and evening reflections on what was and what is to be.

The Solution

We visited the property in the Abaco, Bahamas to understand the extent of the brands reach. After photographing and documenting the area, we returned home to build out a unique brand that represented the area. The logo was developed from the Painted Bunting, which is a bird that migrates to the area during winter. This resonated with the properties mission because it is a resort specifically designed around wellness as a retreat. 

The Logo

Our first application of the brand was a series of collateral pieces that helped the project get funded. Click below to view the pieces.

We were then tasked to create a series of deliverables that would display the brand across the major touchpoints ranging from signage to app development.