Branding a billionaire resort community from the sand up


In the beginning there was just a beautiful piece of land on the Abaco Islands and an idea. Granted, it was a pretty big idea to create a resort community, targeting billionaires, that focuses on personal well-being seamlessly integrated with world-class living. We were asked to reveal the unique story behind this idea and build that story into a brand that would resonate with the most affluent people in the world. To imagine, craft and help sell one of the most uniquely incredible resort locations on the planet.


We defined the story with the most important thing billionaires are focused on attaining, legacy for their families and themselves. With this foundational thought in place, we used our naming process to uncover the term “Seneca Kakona” from the extinct language of the Abaco Islands, which means “Many Blessings”. The name “Kakona” was a perfect fit, summing up everything this one-of-a-kind community has to offer. With our name and story in place, we developed a full brand that reveals the magic of the property and the many reasons to be part of Kakona’s future.


Kakona case study materials 18

A unique property with a unique name needs a unique visual. Our branding process drew us to the painted bunting. A brightly colored bird that deeply embodied the Kakona idea of legacy and longevity with the longest life span within its class, legendary beauty and a tendency to always return from abroad to its home in the Abacos. The mark was styled with the ancient art of the Abacos in mind to round out a perfect visual fit for Kakona.

Kakona case study materials 21
Kakona case study materials 20

We expanded the brand across all launch materials from look books to branded swag helping to draw interest. The brand was created to evolve and expand as we continue to build the Kakona story for years to come.

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