A website that showcases the pride in creating dairy products


Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative is a community of dairy farm families passionate about cultivating dairy goodness and bottling fresh Maola Local Dairies milk and dairy products. Founded in 1920, the cooperative’s farmers produce three billion pounds of milk a year for consumers and manufacturers worldwide.


With MDVA’s proud history as the foundation, we crafted their website to showcase both their roots and their impact in the dairy industry. Building a smart digital hub is very important within the dairy industry to foster connection and prove an innovative focus.


The website was created to appeal to MDVA's consumer and customer audiences.

Mobile functionality was a must for this website. Our design team created pages that were built for mobile first. Over 70% of website visits are from a mobile device.

A custom member portal allows MDVA dairy farmers to access personalized information that helps them to produce high quality milk. Our team built the custom code that runs the portal.

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