Milk producers across the country have a passion for their industry and a story to tell. Whether it’s a long, proud history of farm to table service, an introduction to groundbreaking technology or just a love of dairy, we are proud to help them share that story.


At The Partnership, we know each of our dairy client partners are unique in some way and require different communication solutions because of it. That’s why we’re so connected to needs of the dairy industry because strong strategy and effective executions can only come from deep understanding.

Our partnership with MDVA began over three years ago and is a good representation of the work we do as well as the relationships we have within the industry.

Founded in 1920 by a small group of dairy farmers dedicated to supplying the nation’s capital with farm-fresh milk, Maryland & Virginia has grown to be nearly 1,200 farmers-strong, with members spanning from Pennsylvania to Georgia.

With MDVA’s proud history as the foundation, we crafted their website to showcase both their roots and their impact in the dairy industry.

Building a smart digital hub is very important within the dairy industry to foster connection and prove an innovative focus.

Many of our dairy clients like MDVA have an active online presence including consistent interaction with audiences on social media. We craft custom digital strategy and content to help connect with audiences and create belonging.

It’s imperative to have a consistent and positive voice with young people to overcome misconceptions and create new generations of dairy champions. We create traditional and non-traditional strategies and executions to increase the value of milk for future generations.

“Our farmers rise and shine each morning because they are passionate about nourishing the world with fresh, wholesome dairy goodness. They are proud of what they do, and they are proud to do it the right way.” -MDVA

We understand that feeling because we feel the same way about the work we do for our dairy partners.


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