TBM Insurance joins client list

TBM Joins Milk on My Mind on The Partnership’s Client Roster

Growing is only possible through the combined efforts of multiple parties. To keep advancing and moving forward, The Partnership welcomes a new client with open arms to our agency’s community. Introducing: TBM.

TBM, stylized as Tanner, Ballew & Maloof, is an independent commercial insurance agency based in Atlanta, Georgia. TBM uses a risk management approach to insurance, hand-picking the best account executives and managers from their fields to assist in their company. This strategy also focuses on middle market and large business clients, finding blind spots in their existing insurance plans and implementing high-level, sophisticated programs to fit their individual needs. The Partnership will provide full service to TBM, including strategy, web and digital rebrands.

We are also excited to extend our campaign funding with long-time partner Milk on My Mind. While working on previous marketing campaigns for MOMM and Georgia dairy farmers, The Partnership is going to continue ramping up content and engagement from Georgia’s dairy farmers to the public. This includes further collaboration between Kroger and Milk on My Mind through campaigns such as “Milk Makes Amazing” and other new, upcoming ventures. The Partnership intents to close the gap of information between farm and fridge, allowing consumers to know exactly where and how they got their Georgia dairy products.

The Partnership experienced a lot of new professional growth over the past couple months, and we are continuing to prioritize our connections with the community in doing what we do best: creating long-lasting, meaningful partnerships. Although these clients are just a couple of many, our relationships with each are integral in our overall message and we are excited to help them present their messages in the best way possible.

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