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The Partnership Attends the WSJ Global Food Forum

Amanda Lucey, CEO of The Partnership, and Sela Missirian, executive VP of strategy and business development, represented The Partnership at the Wall Street Journal’s Global Food Forum in Chicago.

Senior members of The Partnership represented Atlanta’s oldest marketing and brand communications agency at the 2022 WSJ Global Food Forum. The event brought together senior executives, industry experts, and innovators in food and agriculture on June 27 and 28 at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Chicago.

During the two-day forum, Amanda Lucey, CEO of The Partnership, and Sela Missirian, executive VP of strategy and business development, met with key industry stakeholders to learn more about the current food-related challenges and what organizations are doing to solve them. Common themes emerging from the speakers revolved around sustainability, future consumer trends, and global impacts on food including pandemic-related supply chain issues and the war in Ukraine. Another theme throughout was using partnerships to overcome barriers and accomplish shared goals.

The Partnership has a rich history working in the agriculture and dairy industries. Under Lucey’s leadership, the agency has spearheaded high-impact campaigns such as Milk On My Mind, You’re Gonna Need Milk For That and the Great Georgia Give.  By attending the event, The Partnership strengthened its industry connections and continued its track record of embracing the most up-to-date trends at play in the sector.

“The dairy and agriculture sectors are vital parts of the food industry and close to our hearts at The Partnership,” said Lucey. “Alongside connecting with industry leaders, we are excited to see the opportunities emerging for our partners and our work with them as the world opens up again.”

Many of the talks and panel discussions that took place at the forum centered on similar issues that The Partnership dealt with in their partnerships with the dairy industry. Notable events included a panel round table where experts deconstructed the food supply chain considering recent global trends and a discussion on  the biggest challenges the agricultural community is facing as we move toward post-pandemic economic recovery.

“We have both witnessed these challenges firsthand and faced them alongside our partners, the Georgia dairy farmers,” Lucey commented. “At the height of the pandemic, we were forced to pivot from our original strategy and spearhead a campaign called the Great Georgia Give. We helped donate 24,000 half gallon jugs of milk to the local community that would have been wasted due to issues with the supply chain. At the Global Food Forum, it’s been eye-opening to see how others in our network have dealt with similar challenges brought on by global trends.”

The two-day event was the first time it’s been held in person since the global pandemic took hold in 2020. The Partnership took great pleasure in connecting  with other industry stakeholders and shining a light on the role branding, marketing, and PR communications play in the agriculture industry’s ongoing success.


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