Three Ways B2B Companies are Marketing on Instagram

The smart way companies are taking advantage of a traditionally B2C market.
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By: Jeremy Hill, Senior Director of Digital and Development

With over 1 billion (yes, billion) Instagram users a month, many decision-makers from your target business to business, or B2B, audience are active on the platform. Establishing a marketing strategy on Instagram will increase brand awareness and help curate a strong brand image.

When we think about business to consumer, or B2C, marketing platforms, Instagram reigns supreme. As consumers, it’s easy to pigeonhole Instagram into an exclusively B2C marketing platform simply because that’s what seems to dominate the feed.

It’s time to bust that myth.

Despite the platform’s popularity, many B2B marketers overlook Instagram as an effective marketing strategy due to its heavy B2C marketing presence. But Instagram is no longer just a playground for business to consumer marketing.

More than 25 million companies across the world are taking advantage of Instagram for business. B2B marketing has made its way to Instagram, and its success is undeniable.

B2B companies experience their largest engagement ratios on Instagram—meaning that of the major social platforms, the highest number of interactions per number of followers is on Instagram.

So, what’s their secret? What kind of content makes for successful B2B marketing? Check out how B2B companies are successfully marketing on Instagram:

Honing in on History

Companies are using Instagram to highlight their history, from humble beginnings to corporate success. These posts help establish brand credibility and give viewers an idea of the years it took to build a strong and successful company. Also, who doesn’t love a good TBT!

Company Culture

Posting behind-the-scenes snapshots that showcase the people within a company will humanize the brand. This content can range from company events to everyday office life, which will help other companies as well as potential job candidates see the brand as more authentic. As company culture continues to rise as one of the most important aspects of employee satisfaction, taking time to highlight the people behind a brand is more important than ever.

Thought Leadership

As marketing trends are ever evolving, it’s important to show that your company is on the forefront of industry trends. By showcasing new developments in the field, companies are seen as thought leaders and innovators rather than followers.

At The Partnership, we develop marketing strategies for B2B companies that utilize every available platform, and Instagram is no exception. In an over saturated B2B market like LinkedIn, B2B content can get thrown to the bottom of the feed within minutes. On Instagram, an effective B2B marketing strategy will raise your posts straight to the top.


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