A Night to Remember: 2022 Consular Ball

The Partnership joins and supports Atlanta’s global community during the 2022 International Consular Ball.
2022 Consular Ball
By: Sela Missirian, EVP, Strategy and Business Development

The Partnership takes immense pride in its “Give Back” initiative, which strives to support and enhance deserving communities. Over the years, it has allowed team members to get involved in inspiring events, initiatives and projects.

One of the most recent events was the 2022 International Consular Ball, which took place on September 17 at Flourish, Atlanta, welcoming diplomats, future leaders and other notable figures from around the world to the city. As an event sponsor, The Partnership contributed $5,000 to the Georgia Council for International Visitors (GCIV) – helping to ensure that key attendees were able to make the journey.

The GCIV was founded in 1962 and is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Alongside the U.S. Department of State, the organization works tirelessly to organize and promote cultural exchange programs for young leaders who show great promise in leading positive change at a global level. During the event, the GCIV also honored the Georgia Consular Corps, who have done exceptional work in promoting international ties in business, education, and culture.

Key members of The Partnership were also there, including Amanda Lucey, CEO and Sela Missirian, EVP of Strategy and Business Development. During the dinner, they shared a table and exchanged insights with Jacob Veerman of the Dutch Consul, his wife, and members of Global Atlanta, Evva Heathcare, and Global Media Connections.

The theme of the Ball was “Lights, Camera, Action: Atlanta Showtime!” and was chaired by Vanessa Ibarra, Director of City of Atlanta’s Mayor’s Office of International Affairs. The night included an evening of fine dining, live entertainment, a silent auction, and international networking opportunities.

Beyond the glitz and glamor, it was an important night for all as those in attendance witnessed the impact The Partnership’s sponsorship had in welcoming individuals who had been identified as high-potential future leaders. The team also met many of the over 40 global consuls in attendance and thanked them for making substantial positive contributions to our global society.

“We believe that the strongest communities are built on a foundation of giving and we want to ensure that individuals or organizations, whether based in Georgia or further afield, have access to the best opportunities going forward,” said Amanda Lucey, CEO of The Partnership.

The Partnership’s sponsorship is the most recent example of the company’s efforts to support and empower communities. In the last year alone, the agency’s “Give Back” initiative has donated over $100,000 to deserving entities and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

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