Five Relationship Qualities that are Also Essential in Your Marketing Efforts

This Valentine’s Day, if you want your love to last forever, incorporate these marketing tips into your relationship – or vice versa.
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We may joke about how the greeting card companies invented Valentine’s Day to boost sales, but we have to hand it to them; if they did, that was brilliant marketing. If you want your love to last forever, incorporate these marketing tips into your relationship – or vice versa 😉

1. Plan it out

Some couples like to be spontaneous, and there’s nothing wrong with that (says the girl who plans out her workday to the hour). But, there are some things you just have to plan – date nights, budgets and your future plans together. Marketing efforts should also find a balance between the two. In fact, they are most successful when there is a plan. That doesn’t mean there isn’t an opportunity for spontaneity. Be prepared to contribute to current events, trending topics and viral posts as well as respond to all comments and messages received on social media.

2. Be open to change

Even if you have a plan, it doesn’t mean everything will actually go as planned. Just like in a relationship, if you notice things aren’t working, you change course . In marketing, be open to changing your strategy, testing out new ideas and evaluating what works (and what doesn’t).

3. Communicate often

Love can’t build if two people aren’t communicating. Just like the women trying to win the heart of The Bachelor, you have to let your customers know you’re there. And, your conversation has to go deeper than “Will you accept this rose?” (or in your case, will you buy my product?). If you aren’t communicating with your customers, how will they remember you exist? If they do remember you exist, how will they know what you have to offer? It’s also important to note that this communication should go both ways, just like in a relationship. If your customers start to ghost you, re-evaluate your plan.

4. Show honesty and humility

Customers love authenticity. It has even been said that our culture values authenticity over integrity. If you make a mistake in your relationship, it’s best to be honest about it and talk through it (even if every fiber of your stubborn being cringes while doing so). In marketing, if you receive a negative review online, the best way to respond is by showing sincerity and humility. Take MoonPie for example. Their cheeky Twitter posts show honesty, authenticity and humility when they make a mistake.

5. Show some love

If all else fails, it never hurts to send a gift, say a kind word or two, or (for your PR department) issue an apology statement.

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