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Delivering milk's benefits to Georgia sports fans through a comprehensive campaign.

stetson bennett announces the milkman campaign
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Changing a name, changing the game.

As we moved into our second year of partnering with The Dairy Alliance to bring the nutritional benefits of milk for athletes to life through NIL deals with college athletes, we wanted to make a big impression. Our “Milk Delivers” campaign kicked off with an explosive press conference in which Stetson “The Mailman” Bennett IV, starting quarterback for The University of Georgia, formally announced he was changing his nickname to “The Milkman”—and ended, several well-received commercials later, with Bennett passing the baton to his fellow athletes.

Milk Delivers with Stetson Bennett and Marie Spano
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The Dairy Alliance: Milk Delivers Hydration
The Dairy Alliance: Milk delivers rapid recovery
the milkman delivers in georgia

Finding the moments that mattered.

The Partnership was one of the first to harness the power of NIL influencer marketing. Not wanting to use celebrity just to use celebrity, the issue of how to make these partnerships powerfully purposeful and strategically driven was top of mind.

The Dairy Alliance: Stetson Delivers
The Dairy Alliance: Milk Deliver More
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So, The Partnership crafted a comprehensive integrated campaign, incorporating NIL influencer marketing, paid media, earned media, in-store activations, and philanthropy to position milk as a better recovery drink for athletes—staying true to The Dairy Alliance’s message while capturing the attentions of the sports media, young athletes, and Georgia sports fans.

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