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Moving Milky Way Farm to greener pastures with enhanced ecommerce.

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Boosting sales of high-quality raw milk with WooCommerce.

Nestled in the rolling hills of western South Carolina, family-owned Milky Way Farm is a dairy farm and creamery that produces high-quality fresh and natural milk. Since 2003, the operation has bottled and sold Grade-A raw milk to farm markets, grocery stories and families in the region. With several years of successful sales, Milky Way Farm was ready to tackle the challenge of growing their ecommerce platform to bring them up to speed with a changing world.

With sales stalling, Milky Way Farm called on The Partnership to reimagine their ecommerce platform and “moove” revenue in the right direction. In the years since the site’s launch, new competition entered the market, consumer user-experience expectations shifted, and the outdated site template was no longer supported by browsers.


Finding the moments that mattered.

Diving deeper into the dot-com mechanics, The Partnership’s discovery team also identified abandoned carts, missed opportunities for email marketing tie-ins and a lack of process around sales funnel follow-up. We devised a strategy to ensure the site and integrated marketing would farm every sales opportunity in the pipeline.

We started by right-sizing the ecommerce platform. While BigCommerce is a robust solution, it doesn’t offer the same customization and scale as WooCommerce, an open plugin that requires a WordPress website and responsibility for hosting and security. While some small business owners might be deterred by these specifications, The Partnership team specializes in WordPress and was therefore well-acquainted with WooCommerce’s unique features. After migrating the existing site and sales data, the team worked to streamline the user flow through the purchase process.

milky way farm - cheese
milky way farm - pucket's brew

With the new website launched, we turned our attention to driving interaction. Rather than let the site operate passively with organic traffic earned through search, we considered how to also push users to the site more regularly and ensure that browsing turned to buying. Analysis of the buyer journey, product promotion and email marketing led to a refreshed cart strategy aimed to reduce abandonment and email marketing optimized for open rate and click-thrus.

Where we landed

Bringing a wholesome trusted family brand to a wider market meant enhancing an established brand with a user-friendly online experience and well-timed content to drive sales. A modern design focused on usability and frictionless payment resulted in a streamlined path-to-purchase. Quarter over quarter sales increased 11.5% while efforts to drive more traffic yielded a 10% month-over-month increase since its April launch. Reporting for the delivery drivers and administrative team at the farm was also streamlined, allowing for quicker and more efficient bottling of products.

Turns out we’re pretty good at herding milk buyers.

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