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NCH Healthcare


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From critical condition to brand health.

Giving a legacy brand the tools to succeed.

In 2019, NCH showed symptoms of a reputation crisis. Controversial policies resulted in public backlash and eroded trust. As NCH recruited new leadership they relied on The Partnership to strategize how to use the opportunity to transform the brand as well—the beginning of a three-year journey for the Naples-based health system that would eventually lead to NCH garnering a Healthgrades America’s 100 Best Hospitals Award™ in 2022.

After weathering a pandemic and significant changes NCH is ready to shine. They have a brand refresh on the horizon, top-notch partnerships integrating into the system, and a renewed devotion to providing the highest quality of care. For this legacy brand that’s central to the Naples community, the prognosis is strong.

Positioning new leadership as committed champions of change.

NCH CEO Paul Hiltz
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NCH CEO Paul Hiltz
NCH Nurse Leadership
NCH Leaders take the stage
NCH's Leadership

Turning every touchpoint into a moment that mattered.

When administration changes were announced with a wholly new executive team helmed by CEO Paul Hiltz, The Partnership took point on connecting Hiltz with employees, the community and the media to share his vision for NCH, centered on north-star values of authenticity and excellence. By collaborating with Hiltz to develop a strong narrative about the future of the community’s premier healthcare system, we empowered him to engage key audiences in conversations that helped rebuild trust. 

We worked to bring that fresh narrative to NCH’s assets by refreshing the website, establishing a strong social media strategy, and developing cadenced internal communications that spoke to both those seeking care and those providing it.

A pandemic pivot.

All Heroes Wear Masks Video Cover
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Raising awareness and demonstrating NCH’s love for the community.

In early 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic brought most corners of the world to a halt but put the healthcare community in the spotlight. With the sudden attention on healthcare systems as a reliable source of information amidst widespread fear and confusion, The Partnership supported NCH in stepping in to meet the needs of the community.

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The Community Unity campaign served as an online “COVID command center” for updated community infection data, answers to frequently asked questions and NCH physicians’ insights on preventive actions. It championed measures to stop the spread including frequent hand washing, masking, and vaccinations once available. The site positioned NCH as a credible thought leader caring for the community with transparency and authenticity.

All Heroes Wear Masks Family
NCH: All Heroes Wear Masks Print Ad

All Heroes Wear Masks represented a partnership with the City of Naples to encourage mask wearing in public. Joint webinars and PSAs helped spread information while public mask distribution events helped stop the spread of COVID-19. The initiative reinforced NCH’s position as protector and promoter of community health.

Putting NCH at the heart of what matters most.

NHI Cover
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Building community with persuasive, urgent campaign work.

When it comes to acute care, the moments that matter most are those crucial, fleeting minutes between a cardiovascular or stroke event and life-saving medical attention. NCH took definitive steps toward establishing world-class care for these crucial moments by recruiting top-notch physicians able to deliver leading-edge procedures that improved outcomes.

To make the case for a new facility to expand the acute care capabilities, The Partnership created the Minutes Matter campaign. It started with establishing the volume of patients within a 10-minute radius of the downtown campus and engaged physicians, nurses and patients in sharing testimonials about what the new facilities would mean for the community. It put people at the center of “why” and showed the heart behind the healthcare.

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Sharing the good news.

With so many accomplishments and patient success stories to celebrate, NCH wanted to speak to their community directly about the strategy and the work driving these milestones. Their 2022 business review report, “Looking Back, Future Forward,” told the story of the tremendous impact this organization has made on their community and set up NCH’s continued transformation into an Advanced Community Healthcare System™. We spearheaded the creation of this report—from providing strategic direction, to crafting a design that spoke to NCH’s evolution into a nonprofit healthcare system and community pillar.

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