The Art of Asking

At The Partnership, we prioritize a Culture of Curiosity, where everyone is expected to embrace this trait and explore the possibilities it holds.
the art of asking: a culture of curiosity
By: Emily Kurek, Senior Art Director

Think of the most creative person you know. Maybe it’s someone who lands the plane every time during tense presentations, or someone who can whip up a brilliant campaign overnight. Someone who has a stroke of brilliance that makes you think, “How do they do it?” You might assume they have some sort of supernatural gift.


Maybe your mind jumps to time management, productivity, leadership, or even a Myers-Briggs personality type. But all those things are just bonuses. And while talent certainly plays a role, there’s a key trait that sets these individuals apart.


“Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.” – Leo Burnett


Curiosity is the sun around which the act of creativity spins. It’s what separates the good from the groundbreaking, the nondescript from the noteworthy, the ignored from the irresistible.


At The Partnership, we prioritize a Culture of Curiosity, where everyone is expected to embrace this trait and explore the possibilities it holds.


Curiosity is often pictured as daydreaming out the window into a big blue sky—which is rarely the case (though I do often have that opportunity, thanks to the window next to my desk). But curiosity is not just a happy accident; it’s a deliberate focus. Curiosity is often difficult and time-consuming. It takes bravery to ask difficult questions and challenge the status quo. That’s why we encourage our team members to question everything, including themselves, their beliefs, and their actions. We embrace the uncomfortable truths that curiosity often brings to the surface, as they provide valuable insights and drive innovation.


Though our job titles can include the word “creative,” we rarely look for concrete traits that define a great creative. Creativity can’t just be summed up in a job title, a certificate, or an Instagram bio. Creativity goes hand in hand with curiosity. The act of asking “What’s next?” or “What’s working—and what’s not working?” is the fuel that propels us forward. We believe that curiosity should be an inherent part of every individual, regardless of their job title. By fostering curiosity throughout our organization, we unlock the full creative potential of each team member.


“Curiosity is big, and it is badass.” –Monica Guzman


Curiosity is what drives the truly creative soul. It’s why we pride ourselves on being a company that actively promotes a culture of curiosity. We have implemented various initiatives and partnered with organizations like Glee Factor to ensure that our pursuit of curiosity thrives.


“Be curious, not judgmental.” –Ted Lasso


To capture the spirit of curiosity for yourself, start by naming it. Make your pursuit of curiosity loud and clear, not only to your team but also to yourself. At The Partnership, we have made curiosity a core part of our culture and celebrate it as a defining trait.


Next, define curiosity by actively exploring new subjects. Read books and articles outside your comfort zone. Engage in conversations with individuals you wouldn’t typically encounter in your daily tasks. Step outside your comfort zone and discover the unexpected. Embrace the uncertainty and be willing to sit in it until the right questions emerge. Then, reach out and find the answers.


In the workplace, we integrate curiosity into our processes. Our brainstorming sessions revolve around asking questions rather than rapid-firing solutions. We recognize and embrace creativity wherever it manifests itself, encouraging a collaborative environment where curiosity becomes everyone’s responsibility. By seeking to understand each other and getting curious about the possibilities of each new brief, we open the door to more effective collaboration and groundbreaking ideas.


At The Partnership, we firmly believe that prioritizing curiosity is the key to unlocking creativity. By doing so, we grant ourselves permission to think bigger, speak louder, and change the world. We invite you to get up close and personal with your questions. Get curious and see where it takes you. Embrace curiosity– and together, let’s make a meaningful impact.


The above resonating with you? Craving curiosity in your workplace? Send us a note; we are always on the lookout for more curiosity lovers to add to our growing team.


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