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Sustaining a decades-long partnership with an established brand.

IHG Alexa Project
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Cultivating our expertise in hospitality.

This is the story of how we’ve sustained a partnership with a beloved, established brand for two decades: dozens and dozens of projects, many of which pushed us to create foundational branding and brand identity work. The fact that we’re a mid-size agency has enabled us to be flexible, move and pivot more quickly, and get to creative business solutions more rapidly.

Bringing Alexa to Crowne Plaza.

Given Airbnb’s impact on the hotel industry, IHG was looking to break through the noise and position Crowne Plaza as a unique, trusted, and significant brand offering luxury accommodations at a reasonable price point. One of our many initiatives partnering with IHG involved collaborating with Amazon to create an innovative net-new hotel experience.

We worked with the Alexa team and Crowne Plaza to create custom commands that would enhance the hotel experience through Alexa automation. We made interacting with Alexa in your room at the Crowne Plaza an intuitive and desirable experience through a clearly defined guest messaging pathway: in addition to creating a single sheet with all of the commands, subtle stickers were applied next to every touchpoint and its corresponding task.

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