Creating a new high-end clothing line brand in a super competitive category requires more than a beautifully crafted brand. It requires an equally beautiful story. We did strategic planning, named and designed the Rule 18 brand based on an iconic story of Bobby Jones himself when he demonstrated his incredible integrity by calling a rule violation on himself that cost him a tournament.


The brand needed to evoke the same integrity and class that characterized the man himself. The logo mark was crafted to represent the story that defined the man. We also gave voice to the brand in an equally powerful way. The new brand has been has become of the pinnacles of success for the Bobby Jones brand and the story continues to create belonging with fans and customers alike.


rule 18 bobby jones brand

Rule 18 celebrates the spirit of Bobby Jones, along with his deeply held virtues of honor, responsibility and respect, to inspire a gentleman to Be the Better Man.

bobby jones shirt
bobby jones website

Rule 18 launched Spring 2017. The label is featured in stores such as Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue with multiple lines ranching from polo shirts, sport shirts, pants and shorts.

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