Crafting a world-wide graphic communication system.


We’ve partnered with Coca-Cola for a decade on everything from large brand initiatives to internal communication. So, when we were asked to craft a graphic system that would set standards for a big portion of the company worldwide we were ready to go. The beginning of the task focused on creating strategy and materials that would create a deeper sense of belonging between the Coca-Cola Bottling Investments Group (BIG) and Vietnam.


Our goal was to craft something uniquely memorable, but simple. This solution and system needed to communicate across cultures, define direct messages and information as well as give a view into the future of Coca-Cola.


The communication was kicked off with a conference that required the full system and story to be completed. This first ‘test” of the graphic communication system delivered exactly what we were hoping for – clear, engaging communication that helped create belonging.

The graphic communication system quickly grew to educate and clearly communicating all messages to every corner of the world.

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