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Expanding awareness of nature's most versatile product


With milk sales declining and consumer awareness of dairy’s importance to the daily diet, the Georgia Department of Agriculture Commodity Commission on Milk enlisted The Partnership to help expand the Milk on My Mind pilot program to grocers across the state.


Focused on revealing milk’s incredible versatility, the campaign ran in every Kroger store in Georgia. Together with Kroger and Georgia Grown, the fully integrated marketing campaign spoke to improving consumer perceptions of milk and dairy foods.


“Milk Makes Amazing” included in-store promotion, launch events, radio promotions, digital advertising, print advertising, social media, website content and marketing materials. Creative materials included support from several expert chefs as well as custom videos featuring dairy recipes, farmers and community partnerships.

• Our total social audience grew by 51% across all social networks.
• Our digital advertising efforts helped attract 10,000 viewers per month to our Milk On My Mind website, as well as the Kroger Store Locator website. This led to brand engagement and visits to Kroger to buy milk.
• More than 50,000 people saw our digital advertisements and then we were able to track them to the point that they visited a Kroger. This shows intent to purchase milk.
• Our digital advertisements were seen 15,316,813 times during the campaign. This equated to more than 5,000,000 views of our digital advertisements per month.
• The recipes that we posted on Pinterest were viewed more than 113,000 times.
• The number of times that our social advertisements were seen increased by 239% over the previous year.
• More than 85,000 people engaged with our social campaigns.
• Our audience engaged with our posts 518% more than the prior year. This means more likes, comments, video plays, clicks, or interactions with social (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest) content.​

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